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Best Business Broadband Deals – finding the right mobile broadband package

Running a company is never easy, and any savings which can be made will go a long way to making sure it is a success. In order to get the most from your business, it is important to have broadband set up. Mobile broadband is particularly beneficial, as it will give you internet access when on the move, a handy concept for the many people who have to travel as a requirement of their job. It is important to get the best business broadband deals, to suit your company needs.


One of the leading suppliers of mobile broadband for businesses is o2, who are a major player when it comes to best business broadband deals. o2 business has a broadband deal which is ideal for smaller businesses. This deal includes a Huawei E1752C handset, which is available in white, black or pink varieties, and is compatible with both the PC and the MAC. The connection speed of this mobile broadband is up to 7.2 Mbps downlink and 5.76 Mbps unlink, and it also supports up to 8GB SD card.


If you opt for the 1GB deal, the cost for this package is £6.38 per month for each user and for the 3GB deal; it is £10.64 per month for each user. This would obviously be quite costly for large sized companies, so would only really be beneficial for small sized companies. Also, given that the maximum number of users is 10, it wouldn’t be possible to obtain this package for large companies. If you decide to take out a contract for 24 months, you will be entitled to receiving the first 3 months for no cost. The package deal also includes unlimited Wi-Fi access, with more than 7500 UK hotspots. This is one of the best business broadband deals on the market at the moment.


Another good deal on mobile broadband is available through Orange. Orange are one of the providers who are currently offering the best business broadband deals. There are various plans available by Orange, which are designed specifically for business. One of these deals is the Business Everywhere Lite plan. The price of this plan is £7.50 per month, with a contract length of 24 months. The inclusive data available is 1GB.


Another plan which is particularly beneficial for companies, who are operating mainly between the hours of 9am to 5pm, is the Business Everywhere 9 to 5. The cost of this is £10 per month, and it involves taking out a 24 month contract. The inclusive data for this example of the best business broadband deals around is 1GB. There are also inclusive extras of unlimited usage between 9am and 5pm during weekdays.


Some More Great Deals

When looking for the best business broadband deals, you want to make sure you get a fast connection and the highest monthly usage required for your needs, at the best possible price. Some of the best deals in business broadband packages to look out for



Plusnet Business Broadband Deal

The Business Broadband Package from Plusnet is available from £10 per month. These broadband deals include 10GB usage allowance and a free wireless router.


BT Business Broadband Deal

BT offer a broadband deal which costs £11 per month. The broadband deal includes 3 months free, if you take out a contract for 24 months. You will get up to 20MB broadband, 10GB usage allowance and no connection charge. If you choose, you can also get a wireless router for a fee of £59 and you will receive ongoing online support.


Talk Talk Business Broadband Deal

Talk Talk offer a business broadband package for only £15 per month. This deal enables you to remain with your current landline provider and offers internet speed of up to 24Mbp’s. You would also receive a free wireless router and add unlimited packages for £6 per month. In addition, you receive unlimited downloads and dedicated business support.


Zen Business Broadband Deal

Zen is another company who offer deals on broadband packages. The cheapest business broadband deals can be found through the ‘Zen Lite’ package. This broadband deal is £15.31, and allows for 10GB of usage allowance. There are other business broadband deals from Zen which are more expensive, but offer a higher monthly usage.


Eclipse Business Broadband Deal

Eclipse offer various Business Broadband Packages in Bronze, Silver and Gold. The cheapest option is the bronze package, which is £19.95 per month. This price will include 50GB of peak time usage allowance. The cost of setting up the new line is a one off fee of £40.